Searching for a Black History Essay Example

Black history is remembered by schools and individuals across the country every February. It is an opportunity to reflect on key lessons and concepts from African American history. It is a history which has fascinating and inspiring stories; full of courageous acts and rich culture. One effective way to help students learn most of things that took place is grant them opportunities to write reflectively on this subject. Most studies in the modern society have civil rights as the main theme. However, there so much to explore when it comes to writing black history essay.

Writing about Black History

Where do you start as a student if you are given an assignment to write about black history? Here is a step by step guide on how to write a good history essay. There are also some topics to help you start off. The major challenge to most of the students when studying the topics is finding relevant resources. While there are many essay examples on black history, it is important for you to select a good topic that will be easy to expound.

Some History Essay Topics

  1. You can write about a historical figure you’ve heard of, but whose life and actions you wish to explore. Carry out some research and write a paper describing the works, historical relevance and contribution of this person. Try and portray how racial identity influenced the life of this individual.
  2. From your own research, look for an African American individual who you believed brought some changes in the history of U.S. This can be a great essay topic which shows some critical thinking and in-depth analysis. Ensure you have enough points and provide evidence to support your thesis/statement. You must be specific when explaining how the person was influential.
  3. Decide to write a compare and contrast essay on two key historical figures. It’s easy to get an essay example on such a topic. Select the two figures from the same field of work and compare and contrast their beliefs, lives, philosophies and achievements. Write about their similarities as well as those things that you think accounted for their differences.

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