Practical Tips For Constructing a Thematic Essay Outline

A thematic essay should have three major sections namely: the introduction, body and conclusion. Most are the times students rush to finish their homework without fully understanding the rubric. So, you want a guide on how to write a thematic essay? The first thing to do when given an assignment in class is to analyze the question. Check the key words like discuss, describe and explain.

  • Discuss – The question requires you to make observations on the topic/subject using facts. You must reason and make arguments in details to support those facts.
  • Describe – The question requires you to elaborate something in words or illustrate about it.
  • Explain - The question requires you to make plain, expound reasons for or cause of; elaborate on logic or relationships of.

Here is a clear and elaborate thematic essay outline to follow in case you’re given such an assignment.

  1. Craft a good thesis statement.
    A good thesis statement should inform the readers what the essay will talk about and the points you will be making. To write a great thesis, you need to have the main ideas and supporting ideas which makes your statement to have two parts. The first part should state the topic while the second part should state the point of the essay.
  2. Write the introduction.
    A good introduction should introduce the topic to be discussed or the ideas to be proven. You must maintain a third person perspective and avoid using words like “this paper will be about”. Rather, make sure you introduce the topics of each of the paragraph that will follow in the body.
  3. Write body paragraphs.
    Use all the supporting ideas you have in details without forgetting to follow the rubric. In the beginning, you should have a topic sentence which should be followed by sentences with supporting evidence and finally the closing sentence. Apply this format in the subsequent paragraphs.
  4. Write the conclusion.
    At this point, you only need to restate the question/topic in different words and give your final thoughts, analytical response and recommendations. Summarize how the supporting ideas prove your topic.

Writing a great paper is not hard if you follow professional guidelines. You can also find more helpful hints here on how to write different kind of academic papers. In case you cannot manage to write a great paper on your own, you can seek assistance from custom writing service.