The key to composing an essay about The Great Gatsby

Writing the great Gatsby analysis essay is not an easy task. The Great Gatsby is one of the best novels that resonate throughout the ages. For a student to complete a great assignment on this book, there is need to carefully organize the essay ideas around a thesis about the book. The thesis statement must be focused, with clear arguments supporting its conclusion which should then be backed by in-text reference.
Here are several study questions on essay about the great Gatsby that can help you understand the book.

  • Explore Gatsby’s character as portrayed by Nick in the novel. What makes “Gatsby great”?
  • Is Nick a reliable narrator? Does his perceptions and character affect his narration? The description within the novel depicts Nick as tolerant and slow to judge.
  • What is symbolism? Elaborate some of The Great Gatsby’s symbols. The two major symbols in the book include the green light at the end of daisy’s dock and the eyes of Doctor Eckleburg.

In case you have been given an assignment, below is a list of great gatsby essay topics to consider in your paper.

  1. What do you think is the climax of the story? Elaborate your choice.
  2. Do you think the characters in the novel are stereotypes? If your answer is yes, explain why Fitzgerald uses stereotypes in the book. If your answer is no, what makes the characters individuals.
  3. In what ways is the Novel an Autobiography in relation to Fitzgerald?
  4. Do you think Gatsby represent the American dream? If yes, how is it represented especially in the 1920s?
  5. Can you compare and contrast a number of characters in the book.
  6. Based on the book, what does it take to be wealthy and what does it mean to be wealthy?
  7. Do you think the Novel, “The Great Gatsby” is outdated or relevant today? Explore some of the elements in the current modern society that the book describes.
  8. Are there some similarities between the current financial markets and economics problems of the 1920s? Describe how Fitzgerald highlights these problems.
  9. Discuss both the static and dynamic characters found in the book. What makes you think Fitzgerald decided to portray them this way?
  10. Compare and contrast Tom and Gatsby personalities. What’s made them alike and how are they different?

The above list is not exhaustive. You can read more topics and ideas here. Furthermore, you can seek professional assistance with your assignment from a custom writing service. You can get a professional tutor or writer who can help you identify a good topic for the assignment. Choosing a good topic is the first step towards writing an interesting essay.