General Guidelines On How To Write A History Essay

History is one of the trickiest subjects to write on because it is anchored on specific facts. There is little room for opinion or misrepresentation. Any such attempt would result in penalties. Here is an expert guide on how to craft an excellent world history essay.

  • Choose a Captivating Topic
    The topic acts as a banner announcing the content of your paper. If it is interesting, more people will be compelled to read. If the topic is mundane, many people will skip it. Your teacher will develop an impression about your paper based on the topic you choose. Here are fresh history essay topics to consider.
    1. The rise of Hitler to power.
    2. Compare the history of different religions.
    3. How dark was the Dark Age.
    4. The origin of historical myths and legends.
    5. What was the impact of the Cold War on the politics of the world.
    6. Did anything good come out of the world wars?
    7. Evaluate the such events as Salem Witch Trial, assassination of presidents, etc.
    8. The history of immigration into America.
    9. The inventions that have changed the course of history.
    10. History of the feminism movement and its impact on American politics.
    11. Technology and its impact on wars.
    There are many topics you can choose for your paper on world history. Since most of these topics have been discussed in one way or another, provide a unique twist that makes the paper interesting to read.
  • Work on Your Introduction
    If you understand how to start a history essay you are on your way to creating a captivating paper. The introduction captures the attention of a reader before focus turns to your content or discussion. Make the introduction as captivating as possible. This will make your reader curious to understand what is contained in the body of your paper. A mundane introduction turns off the reader.
  • Research Widely
    A lot has been written about world history. Different disciplines have a unique perspective to history. It is only by reading widely that your paper can accurately capture the historical facts. Look for credible materials like books, journals and other academic materials that provide facts that can be used to strengthen your discussion.

The conclusion of your world history essay is as important as the introduction and body. It is a send off that determines the impression a reader has about your paper. Polish it and edit your paper before submitting it.