How to write a travel essay in no time

Travel writing is easy because travel has a natural arc and does not require much creativity. You write about what you see and your experiences on your trip. It has a natural beginning at the start of the journey and arrival at the destination. You have a natural body/middle of your stay and a natural ending in your departure.
However as easy as it may seem, writing an essay about travel experience is very challenging. If not careful, a travel writer will find themselves having no content other than a list of destination and very brief cliché descriptions of them. Keep in mind that you are not writing a newspaper article, so forget writing only about the hotel experiences. This paper needs to have a deeper meaning. Let me teach you how to write a travel essay;

Quick tips

  • Look for deeper meaning in an experience to make the reader feel what you felt, as if they were there.
  • Research about your destination before your arrival and find out as much as you can about the place. Look into their history, economy, agriculture, staple foods and also their religious observances. This will help you understand more about things that you may see or experiences you may have while there. Also, your essay will be unique if you take note of and highlight little known facts about an area.
  • Don’t cover a large area in one day. Pick a small area and explore it thoroughly. The topic – this should be the location/destination. This does not have to be a far off place; it could be in a nearby neighbourhood or a destination you regularly visit only that this time you have to view it through the lens of an explorer.
  • Be specific – instead of writing an overview of a destination, spent time to really get acquainted with the place so you can write about specific things of interest. For instance if the destination is known for culture, spent time with the locals and experience their cultural events and day to day activities. Also tell the reader where when who how and what. Note that not all experiences should be good. If you were pick pocketed on a bus on your way to for example a park, write about it.
  • Personal perspectives – If allowed, include some personal experiences but make sure they are not too specific to you that the reader cannot relate. Whatever personal experience you right, let it have universal resonance for the reader. Also, it should always connect back to the bigger picture; the travel destination.

This type of assignment is best written from personal experiences. During research, you will find many cheap essays and examples of travel notes. Use them as a guide and not as content as they will lack the personal touch that is evident in work written from a ‘live’ experience.