10 New Government Essay Topics for College Students

Writing essays and research papers is mandatory whether you’re in High School, College or University. These academic papers requires not only good writing skills but also a number of other skills like having a good understanding of the subject/topic, ability to carry out adequate research on a given topic as well as having great analytical skills. While there are a few students who do not like working on these academic papers and buy essay cheap online, the papers are integral part of education learning process and will remain to be a major element of college/university life even in future.

In case you’re history or political science student, you may be asked to write an essay about government. So, where do you start? You need to have a good topic that will be easy to research on and expound. Of course there is a lot of variety of topic when writing about the government. However, you must be keen and select a topic that fit the course work.

Writing Topics on the government

As observed before, when it comes to government essay topics, the number of options that a student has is quite vast. The list can only increase especially if you’re writing about American government. Below is a list of fresh topics that you can consider while writing your pap er. For you to turn up a great essay, make sure it has a nice outline and an elaborate structure in addition to good syntax.

  1. Which amendment/act contained in the constitution ought to be repealed? – This topic require the student to come up with his own opinion. Select the amendment to be changed and state the reasons why it should be changed to make the paper stronger and convincing.
  2. Among the three government branches; legislative, judicial and executive, which one is the most significant? – This topic will require research on every ranch of the government to understand its mandates, how they operate and the amount of power given to each and how this power is manifested in the government.
  3. How does federal and state aid differ? – This topic requires an exploration of federal and state aid to develop an understanding of both.
  4. The major differences in republican and democrat beliefs – Look into and state the different aspects of the republican and democrat beliefs and their root.
  5. How much power does the federal government hold. Is it too little or too much? – research on and analyze the power the federal government holds to find out whether there is abuse of power within this government or there isn’t enough power.
  6. Which are some of the essential exercises carried out within the executive branch of the government and how have they affected presidents in the U.S history? – Research into the exercises carried out by the executive and how they affect presidents in US history. You will need to research deeply into history of the government.
  7. Should the police have a right to go through a student’s property on campus without first getting a search warrant? – Research on the rights that the police have and the limits they can up to. Do they include infringing on personal freedom if it’s for the betterment of the public?