Extraordinary Prompts For Creating A Unique Fashion Essay

Fashion is considered a personal choice yet you do not have as much freedom when compiling an essay about fashion. The first element to capture the mind of your reader will be the topic. With a lot of debate about fashion, there is need to consider something unique and captivating for your reader. Here are interesting prompts to make your paper captivating to read.

  1. Is fashion creative or based on culture?
  2. The moral code to follow when developing a fashion line
  3. Celebrities who take fashion too far
  4. How fashion determines the identity of the wearer
  5. Fashion and its influence on the social agenda
  6. When fashion throws modesty out of the window
  7. Fashion and the conflict of religion
  8. The price of fashion
  9. How the moral code of a generation is influenced by fashion
  10. When fashion is unaffordable
  11. What sells between fashion and the designer
  12. The element of globalization in the fashion industry

There are many other ideas you can discuss in your passion for fashion essay. The challenge is in finding new and captivating ideas that help you avoid the old and mundane ones. Where can one find new ideas do explore in a paper?

  • News Items- there is a lot of discussion on fashion on different media outlets that can inform your paper. The discussions focus on the latest trends in the industry. These ideas are also discussed because they are relevant to the public and industry. Pick one idea from these discussions and use it to formulate your paper.
  • Research suggestions- read a lot of books on fashion and check for recommendations by the authors on areas that are worth exploring. The recommendations are usually found at the end of the paper or book. These recommendations point at areas where there is scarcity of material. It is your opportunity to add to the debate.
  • Passion- is there an element of fashion that you think is receiving little attention yet is important? Take the chance to explore it. It will be exciting to see gurus in fashion expanding your idea.

When asked to write an essay about fashion, remember that your teacher is looking for something captivating. Be creative and focus on a subject you are passionate about. Be factual in your discussions and include materials that can be verified.