Important Questions To Raise In American Slavery Essay

Slavery is one of the oldest topics in academia. It has been discussed from economic, political, human rights, history, and many other fronts. However, new elements come up despite extensive studies on the subject. Here are fresh ideas to explore in your essay about slavery in America.

  1. The contribution of the abolitionist movement in ending slavery
  2. The impact of slavery of African population
  3. Contribution of African kings in export of slaves to America
  4. Land ownership and the question of freed slaves
  5. The compromise in Missouri
  6. Legal changes that led to abolition of slavery
  7. Slavery in South Carolina
  8. Contribution of slavery to industrialization in America
  9. The escape from slavery and the Underground Rail Road
  10. The woman slave in America
  11. Mixed relationships during slavery
  12. The buying and selling of slaves

A lot of scholars have addressed the issue of slavery in America in detail. This might drive one to think that there is nothing new to add on the issue. This is a false approach. Here are ways to make your paper interesting and even intriguing to a person who has read a thousand papers on American slavery.

  • Choice of topic - while the topic is for you to write an American slavery essay, there is a lot you can discuss on the issue. To make your paper stand out, it is advisable that you pick an interesting perspective. Look for a unique angle that is yet to be explored. This will immediately capture the attention of a reader despite reading numerous others on the same topic.
  • Read extensively - a lot of people know the topic from public discussions and lack in detail. There are a lot of interesting scenarios that characterized the period of slavery. These details are hidden in historical materials like journals, books, documentaries, museum collections, etc. These materials will raise the profile of your paper. Look for it and read widely.
  • Format your paper appropriately - the presentation of your paper determines the reception you get. Guidelines on formatting are given by your teacher. Adhere to them strictly. Whether you are asked to use the MLA or APA format, follow the rules consistently. It enables a reader to focus on your content other than its presentation.

Remember that history relies on facts that must be substantiated. It is only by reading widely that you will get the facts to anchor your slavery in America essay. Consult your tutor in case you get stranded for resources to use in boosting the quality of your paper.