10 Hints on Essay Writing: Main Steps to an A+ Work

Most students dread writing an essay because they believe that the task is overwhelming. While this is a large project, students can use some steps to break down their tasks into manageable parts.

Carefully read the question

To understand the question, highlight the keywords. Use your dictionary to get the meaning of unfamiliar words. Then, identify the task words such as ‘compare', ‘explain’ or ‘discuss.' You also have to identify certain words that indicate the essay’s particular subject. Do not forget to identify the limiting words restricting your discussion to a given area.

Research extensively

Get good information sources by selectively using accessible and relevant. Use your own words while writing down the notes. If there are any useful quotations, write them down and acknowledge their sources.

Brainstorm ideas to respond to the question

To stimulate lateral thinking, use a mind map. While brainstorming, write down all the relevant points. Also, note any relevant quotes or pieces of evidence.

Develop a thesis

This is a statement that summarizes your response to the question. The statement must strongly express your overall response. Your thesis should be stated in the introduction and be referred to severally in the paper.

Create a response plan

The ideas you brainstorm must be presented in a logical sequence. Each point in the plan should be relevant to the main question.

Write the introduction

The introduction is meant to open up your discussion. It also introduces the thesis and indicates how you intend to answer the question. Be sure to engage the reader.

Create the main body

Each point should have its own paragraph. While starting a paragraph, use phrases or words that show the reader how the new point relates to the previous one. Use words like nevertheless, in addition, however, moreover. Each point must have supporting evidence. Revisit your thesis, expressing it in various ways. Don't hesitate to use https://writemyessay.today/ helping service is you are struggling with the body or any other essay part.

Write the conclusion

The conclusion summarizes all the main ideas. It also shows the proof of your argument. Use a thought-provoking or an interesting comment to complete your conclusion.

Edit your work

Go through your draft and check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Any irrelevant sections should be deleted. Ask your teacher or peers for feedback before you write the final copy.

Draft the final copy

The final copy should be comprehensive and mistake free. Add any bibliography or footnotes if required. The copy you present must be clean. Submit the essay on time.